halogen free flame retardant OP1312 OP1314
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Flame retardant for Polyamide, Nylon

  • halogen free flame retardant OP1312 OP1314
halogen free flame retardant OP1312 OP1314

halogen free flame retardant OP1312 OP1314

  • OP1312
  • OP1314
  • Product description: halogen free flame retardant OP1312 OP1314

Used for PA6/PA66+ Glass fibre

ProFlame-PN2131CG is formulated flame retardant based on organic phosphorus component. It is suited for both GF-reinforced PA6/PA66 system. The polyamide compounds exhibit very good physical and electrical properties with PN2131CG. It is mixture of columned granule and powder, this will be helpful to reduce dust ,and make material easy to dispersing and feeding.

Technical Data:

Items                                                                                   Spec
Appearance                                                White free-flowing powder/columned granule
P (as P2O5) content, %                                                              18-21
Decomposition Temperature, °C                                                  ≥350
Average particle size, um                                                         D5010
Moisture,%                                                                                 ≤0.5
Whiteness                                                                                    95

Recommended dosage:





20-30%GF-Reinforced PA6




20-30%GF-Reinforced PA66




Processing instruction:
1.  Pre-drying the polyamide,the moisture content should be below 0.1 % (by wt.).

2. The optimum conditions for incorporating should be determined in each individual case. Care must be taken to ensure homogeneous dispersion of all components.

3. The temperature of the polymer melt should not exceed 350 °C.

4. It is most suitable for equipment with weak shear force.

5. The processing temperature of Parallel twin-screw extruder should keep between 210 ~ 245with vacuum at the same time.The temperature is too high, the physical property loss of PA6 is large, and the yellowing is also large.

6. Do not use low-alkali or high-alkali fiberglass. High-quality non-alkali fiberglass is preferred.

Package & Storage:
Net weight 25KG Kraft bag with PE liner.
Minimum shelf life is 12 months stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse.