ProFlame TTBP Tris(tribromoneopentyl)phosphate FR370
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Brominated flame retardant

  • ProFlame TTBP Tris(tribromoneopentyl)phosphate FR370
ProFlame TTBP Tris(tribromoneopentyl)phosphate FR370

ProFlame TTBP Tris(tribromoneopentyl)phosphate FR370

  • Product description: ProFlame TTBP Tris(tribromoneopentyl)phosphate FR370
Technical Data SheetProFlame - BP9145
Chemical Name: Tris(tribromoneopentyl)phosphate
Equivalent Brand: FR-370
Formula: C15Br9H24O4P
CAS Number: 19186-97-1
Molecular Weight: 1018.5

Chemical Formul:

BP-9145 is an additive flame retardant developed for applications such as PP and
HIPS to reach class V-2 according to the UL 94 standard, with outstanding UV and
light stability. It was designed initially to provide an answer in the fast growing and
developing field of PP, where the market was in need of a new more sophisticated
flame retardant. The combination of both a high bromine content (70%) and
phosphorous (3%) contributes to its excellent flame retardant efficiency. The
chemical structure of the brominated part is responsible for its excellent UV and light
stability leading to a good appearance of the molded part. The high melting
temperature of BP-9145 (181˚C) permits production of highly filled masterbatch
concentrates. In addition as BP-9145 is melt blendable and melts at the processing
temperature of PP, it is easy to process and can improve flowability. It solves the
previously unanswered problem of blooming in flame retardant grades of PP.

BP9145 Mainly use for ABS (V-2), Adhesives, HIPS (V-2), PC/PBT, PP and copolymers, XPS and so on. Package and Storage:
25KG Woven or craft bag.
It is not dangerous cargo .You should handle the material according to the
instruction described on MSDS.The MSDS is available from sales department once
required.Our regular mark is printed on the surface of package in advance .You
should inform our sales person in advance If you don`t need this or have any special
demand for mark.