SR130 flame retardant for EPS/XPS
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Flame retardant for EPS/XPS

  • SR130 flame retardant for EPS/XPS
SR130 flame retardant for EPS/XPS

SR130 flame retardant for EPS/XPS

  • Product description: SR130 flame retardant for EPS/XPS
Technical Data SheetProFlame™ B843
Chemical Name: Benzene, 1, 1'-(1-methylethylidene)bis[3, 5-dibromo-4-(2, 3-dibromo-2-methylpropoxy)]
Equivalent Brand: Pyroguard SR-130
CAS NO.: 97416-84-7
Chemical Formula: C23H24Br8O2

Molecular Weight: 971.67

ProFlame - B843 is additive type flame retardant,it has the advantage of low
dosage,good flame retardant effect,little influence on the physical properties of
materials,good thermostability and Uv stability.It is mainly used for EPS,XPS
polypropylene and otherstyrol resin. It has betterflame retardant efficiency than
brominated aromatic flame retardants.It can make the processing equipment more
safety,products more outstanding performance,especially more appropriate for
plastic products with high processing temperature.The B-843 is excellent alternative
of HBCD.

Packed in craft paper bag
Net weight:25kg/bag,1000kg/bag,or in accord with client’srequirements.
It is not dangerous cargo .You should handle the material according to the instruction
described on MSDS.The MSDS is available from sales department once required.Our
regular mark is printed on the surface of package in advance .You should inform our
sales person in advance If you don’t need this or have any special demand for mark.