PVC flame retardant
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PVC flame retardant

I believe that we are not unfamiliar with PVC, it is widely used in construction, transportation and household supplies, PVC itself flame retardant, made of products to add a variety of additives so that it does not have flame retardancy.

We can add flame retardant in it, is PVC products have flame retardant properties, the following small series with you to discuss this problem. PVC without flame retardant once on fire will cause the flames to spread rapidly and expand the thick smoke and poison gas, to fire fighting and people's lives and property to bring great losses. Especially in recent years, China's continuous fire, only by building decoration materials, electronic appliances and other plastic products burning accidents up to hundreds of.

This has become a serious social problem. Therefore, it is urgent to endow PVC products with flame retardancy. Many countries have developed various flame retardant standards for polymer materials, providing that products that do not meet the flame retardant standards are not allowed to be sold. About 10% of plastic products in the United States are flame-retardant, so their use of flame retardants is large. It is second only to plasticizers in plastic additives.

And China lags behind abroad in this respect, so it is necessary to add flame retardants to engineering plastics such as PVC wires, cables, PVC decorative materials and daily necessities to meet the flame retardant standards stipulated by the State. China's flame retardant chlorine accounted for 69%, inorganic system only accounted for about 17% of the flame retardant, of which half is Sb2O3, and aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide is less than 10%, the domestic halogen system accounts for about 80% of the entire flame retardant, and at present, foreign flame retardants are mainly inorganic system, accounting for the overall 50%~60%, and mainly aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide. Adding flame retardants to PVC products can obviously improve the flame retardant properties of materials, so as to meet the standards set by the state. With the development of PVC in electrical appliances, electronics, machinery, automobiles, ships, aviation, aerospace and chemical industry, the flame retardant requirements for PVC products are increasing, so that the development, production and popularization of flame retardants and flame retardant materials can be developed rapidly, so that flame retardants and PVC developments complement each other.

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