Effects of Flame Retardant and Glass Fiber on the Properties of PA66
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Effects of Flame Retardant and Glass Fiber on the Properties of PA66

Due to the needs of electronic product applications, PA66 must have certain flame retardancy and relative tracking index (CTI) properties. Also, depending on product strength requirements, it may be necessary to add glass fibers to the PA66 material. Commonly used flame retardants are nitrogen flame retardants, bromine flame retardants and red phosphorus.

(1) Under normal circumstances, the flame retardant grade of pure nylon PA66 is UL94V-2, and the CTI value can reach CTI600.

(2) When glass fiber is added to pure PA66 to increase the strength, the glass fiber is used as the core, which reduces the flame retardant grade of the material and becomes UL94-HB grade.

(3) Using nitrogen-based flame retardant for PA66 and no glass fiber, it can reach UL94V-0, and the CTI value can reach 600V.

(4) When glass fiber is used in PA66 and nitrogen-based flame retardant is added, the flame retardant performance of the material will also deteriorate and reach HB level.

(5) PA66 also becomes UL94V-0 flame retardant grade when brominated flame retardant is added, and in the case of glass fiber reinforced material, it becomes UL94V-0 grade. However, the addition of bromide greatly reduces the CTI index of the material. Basically CTI175 or CTI250 grade. Low CTI limits the application of PA66. All Glow Wire 750 PA66 materials required by the industry are brominated flame retardants. Of course, the CTI value is not high.

(6) In the application of composite flame retardant PA66, many raw material manufacturers have begun to use composite flame retardants to produce materials with better flame retardancy, electrical and mechanical properties.

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