What flame retardants are used in flame retardant nylon?
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What flame retardants are used in flame retardant nylon?

Flame retardant nylon is one of many modified varieties of nylon. Applications include automotive ignition system components, solar photovoltaic cell components, appliance plugs and sockets, electrical circuit breakers, and more. The flame retardant grade of the nylon before modification is about UL94 V-2. By adding a flame retardant to the nylon for modification, the flame retardant grade after modification can reach UL94 V-0.

The processing temperature of nylon is relatively high. The melting temperature of PA6 is 230-280 ° C, and reinforced PA6 is a bit higher, 250-280 ° C. This requires the use of flame retardants with good thermal stability, such as iodine flame retardants with relatively small CI bonds, which cannot be used with poor thermal stability. At present, flame retardant nylons are more commonly used with bromine series. Flame retardants, phosphorus flame retardants and melamine salts.

Bromine-based flame retardants are one of the halogen-based flame retardants. The most widely used bromine-based flame retardant is decabromodiphenyl ether. It is often used in combination with antimony compounds. HBr released by decabromodiphenyl ether under heat reacts with Sb2O3 to form SbOBr, and SbOBr emits Sb2O3 when heated. Among them, SbBr3 is the main bearer of the flame retardant effect. The entire process is endothermic and gas dilution. Ignition mechanism is flame retardant.

Halogen-free is now advocated because halogen-based flame retardants cause environmental problems when they are flame retardant. However, decabromodiphenyl ether is harmful and harmless. There is a great international controversy. In 2005, the European Union said it was harmless. In 2008, the European Community court jumped out and said, no, the European Union said that it is not harmful. This is harmful. of. Decabromodiphenyl ether was eventually restricted.

In any case, halogen-free flame-retardant nylon is definitely the best choice in the future. The choice of halogen-free is mainly phosphorus-based flame retardants and melamine salts.


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